Welcome to the Resilient Computing Lab (RCL)

RCL is a research group of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DiMaI, "Dipartimento di Matermatica e Informatica") of the University of Florence. RCL research activities focus mainly in research and experimentation of dependable architectures and systems. RCL is currently involved in research spanning the following areas:

  • Architectures and techniques for resilient systems and infrastructures;
  • Quantitative dependability and QoS evaluation.

Details on where we are, who we are, and our projects are available on this website.
For further information, please contact prof. Andrea Bondavalli.

Resilient and Secure Cyber Physical Systems: Matching the Present and the Future! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 June 2017 10:07

Il giorno martedi 11 luglio 2017, alle ore 15:00 presso l'aula 303 del Centro Didattico Morgagni (V.le Morgagni 40 - Firenze), il Prof. Andrea Bondavalli terrà un seminario divulgativo dal titolo:

Resilient and Secure Cyber Physical Systems: Matching the Present and the Future!

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Il seminario sarà organizzato in due parti:

  • Nella prima parte saranno presentate le caratteristiche principali dei Cyber Physical System, soffermandosi in particolare sugli aspetti legati alla resilienza e sicurezza di tali sistemi, e saranno presentati esempi concreti di CPS in diversi domini applicativi, dall' Internet delle cose (IoT - Internet of Things), ai Sistemi di Sistemi, alle tematiche di Industria 4.0.
  • Nella seconda parte sarà presentato il nuovo Curriculum in Resilient and Secure Cyber Physical Systems del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Informatica, chiarendone gli aspetti caratterizzanti, gli obiettivi formativi e gli sbocchi professionali.

La partecipazione è libera per tutti, è richiesta però la prenotazione tramite il seguente form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrONY0ixHxA190hIk04g1VQjd_4btdRbXtY1GkuGQGSWQSdg/viewform

Prof. Bondavalli is now Chair of the Council of Computer Science Degree Courses PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 15:36

On May 19th 2017, the Rector of the University of Florence nominated Professor Andrea Bondavalli Chair of the Single Council of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree courses in Computer Science. He will be the chairperson for the 2016-2020 academic period.

Brain Drain Hits RCL: Good Luck Leo! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 May 2017 09:18

The RCL group is proud to announce that Dr. Leonardo Montecchi is going to become an Assistant Professor at the University of Campinas, Brazil. Leo successfully participated in a public examination some months ago, and now is time for him to reach UNICAMP and begin his new adventure.

We are going to miss him, as well as the entire Chianti area, where the media have already released that to the public.

Good luck Leo!

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AMADEOS Book - Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 December 2016 15:46

The book originating from the AMADEOS project is now available!
The book is published in open access form by Springer, meaning that it is freely available for download.

Book Cover

Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems
Foundations – A Conceptual Model and Some Derivations: The AMADEOS Legacy
Editors: Andrea Bondavalli, Sara Bouchenak, Hermann Kopetz
ISBN: 978-3-319-47589-9 (Print) 978-3-319-47590-5 (Online)

"This book on Systems of Systems documents the main insights on CPSoS that we gained during our work in the European research project AMADEOS. The objective of this research was to bring time awareness, dynamicity, and evolution into the design of SoS, to establish a sound conceptual model that provides a well-defined language for describing SoS, to investigate the intricate topic of emergencein an SoS, and to outline a generic architectural framework and an SoS design methodology, supported by some prototype tools, for the modeling, development, and evolution of time-sensitive SoS."


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