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RCL main research activities focus in research and experimentation of dependable and secure systems, infrastructures and systems of systems.

The research activities of the group can be divided in two macro-areas:

  • Design and Implementation of Architectures and Techniques for Resilient Systems and Infrastructures;
  • Quantitative evaluation of dependability and Quality of Service, through analytical, simulative and experimental approaches.

The RCL group is composed of different members, with a wide set of expertises in the broad topics of dependability and security. We present below examples of the subjects that RCL members have been researching recently. Another good way to understand the main activities of the RCL group is to have a look at the Projects section.

1- Definition, implementation and evaluation of anomaly detection solutions for secure and dependable system. Anomalies are deviations from the expected behaviours. They can be useful for the timely identification of attacks and failures: for example, they are exploited to build intrusion detection systems. 

2- Study and evaluation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in safety-critical systems. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are fundamental enabling technologies in many emerging domains as for example autonomous driving and Factory 4.0. Despite safety (absence of catastrophic failures) of their behaviour should be guaranteed, at present the research field is open as no clear solutions are present to design or assess safety of components based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions. 

3-  Design and evaluation of embedded systems, compliant to safety standards. Embedded systems are being used, since several years, for critical tasks e.g., as control units of vehicles, in medical devices, for telecommunication,  and so on. In general, their design and evaluation has to adhere to specific standards. For efficiency, efficacy and cost reduction, new solutions for the design and evalution are constantly welcome.

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