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The RCL research activity deals with the following topics:

Architectures and Techniques for Fault-Tolerant Systems
Generic architectural solutions for fault-tolerant (real-time) systems
  • in presence of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) components;
  • applicable to a variety of critical application domains;
  • supported by early Verification & Validation.
Mechanisms for fault-tolerant systems:
  • e.g., diagnosis;
  • focus on adaptability, flexibility, heterogeneity.
Model-based dynamic reconfiguration in critical systems
  • Dependability manager.
Dependability/QoS Evaluation
Mainly through Model-based, finalized to:
  • support design decision, refinements and tuning of systems/components/infrastructures
  • assess properties of already built systems/components/infrastructures
Activities on:
  • methodological advancements, mainly to cope with complexity (modular and compositional/decompositional approaches of both model representation & model solution);
  • application of methodologies and techniques to specific case studies.
Special focus on:
  • modeling and evaluation of Multiple Phased Mission Systems (both theoretical results and the DEEM tool);
  • Quantitative analysis of distributed protocols (Through both simulation and experimental approaches, e.g. using the NekoStat tool).

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