Tommaso Zoppi

Position: Research Associates Zoppi, Tommaso
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Phone or fax: +39 055 2751483
Location: Firenze

Tommaso Zoppi is currently a Post-Doc at UNIFI, RCL Group.

He received his Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Firenze, Italy, in October 2012 and July 2014, respectively. From November 2014 to November 2017 he was a PhD student at the Matematics, Computer Science, Statistics course (curriculum: Computer Science) at the same university, under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Bondavalli. 

From January 2014 to March 2015 he was owner of a Co.Co.Co employment aimed at finding efficient solution for software anomaly detection (within the dependability context).

Since March 2015, he is a tutor at the same university for the bachelor course in Informatic Science. A tutor contributes to support first-year students helping them in the studies' organization and simplifying the relationships between students and professors.

Despite his main research efforts are directed to the study of software anomalies, during the PhD he is also deepening:

  • cyber-security analysis of smart grids
  • anomaly-based intrusion detection
  • support to smart city planners
  • crisis management systems  


Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica (DiMaI), Room T19 (Stanza Dottorandi)

Viale Morgagni, 65 - 50134 - Firenze Italy

CV Almalaurea

Recent Publications

  • PhD Thesis T. Zoppi. "Towards Effective Anomaly Detection in Complex Dynamic Systems". Ph.D. thesis. Università degli Studi di Firenze. Dottorato in Matematica, Informatica, Statistica (XXX ciclo). 2018. Supervisors: Andrea Bondavalli, Andrea Ceccarelli. [More] 
  • Conference T. Zoppi, S. Bessler, A. Ceccarelli, E. Lambert, E. T. Lau and A. Vasenev. "A Modeling Framework to Support Resilient Evolution Planning of Smart Grids". 2nd SmartGIFT Conference. Springer ed. 2017. pp. 10. [More] 
  • Conference T. Zoppi, A. Ceccarelli and M. Mori. "A Tool for Evolutionary Threat Analysis of Smart Grids". 2nd SmartGIFT Conference. Springer ed. 2017. pp. 6. [More] 
  • Conference T. Zoppi. "Executing Online Anomaly Detection in Complex Dynamic Systems". 24th PhD MiniSymposium. 2017. pp. 4. [More] 
  • Book Chapter M. R. Baptista, N. Silva, T. Zoppi, N. Nostro and A. Ceccarelli. "STECA – Security Threats, Effects and Criticality Analysis: Definition and Application to Smart Grids". In A. Bondavalli and F. Brancati (eds), Certifications of Critical Systems - The CECRIS Experience. River Publisher. 2017. pp. 167-182. [More] 

Resilient Computing Lab, 2011

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