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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 00:00


The TENACE project is funded by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR). It will investigate the protection of national critical infrastructures from cyber threats, mainly addressing three scenarios: financial infrastructures, power grid and transportation systems that represent three widely different settings with distinct interdepencies, threats, vulnerabilities and possible countermeasures.

CECRIS is a FP7 PEOPLE-IAPP project, which aims at taking a step forward in the growing field of development, verification and validation and certification of critical systems, studying both the scientific and industrial state of the art methodologies for system development and the impact of their usage on the verification and validation and certification of critical systems. According to the nature of an PEOPLE-IAPP project, the researchers involved will have the opportunity to move from their company and university to partners’ offices in a different country in order to share their expertise and absorb new knowledge.

The  SECURE! project is funded by the Tuscany Region, within the POR CReO framework. The project will develop an innovativce system for supporting decisions in the topic of private/public safety and civil protection (before during and after) putting together elements of crowdsensing and crowdsourcing and the coordination of monitoring and intervention on the territory.

The CONCERTO project is an ARTEMIS JU project which builds on the results of the previous CHESS project. CONCERTO will deliver a reference multi-domain architectural framework for complex, highly concurrent, and multi-core systems, where non-functional properties (including real-time, dependability, and energy management) will be established for individual components, derived for the overall system at design time, and preserved by construction and monitoring at run-time.


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