Welcome to the Resilient Computing Lab (RCL)

RCL is a research group of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DiMaI, "Dipartimento di Matermatica e Informatica") of the University of Florence. RCL research activities focus mainly in research and experimentation of dependable and secure systems, infrastructures and systems of systems. RCL is currently involved in research spanning the following areas:

  • Design and experimentation of architectures and techniques for resilient, safety-critical and secure systems;
  • Quantitative evaluation of dependability, security and Quality of Service through analytical, simulative and experimental techniques;
  • Applications of Machine Learning Techniques (especially Anomaly Detection) in the domain of Critical Systems.

Details on where we are, who we are, and our projects are available on this website.

For further information, please contact prof. Andrea Bondavalli.

The Resilient Computing Lab is now a registered UNIFI research laboratory PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 November 2015 10:34

The Resilient Computing Lab (RCL) is now a registered UNIFI reserarch laboratory. A list of research laboratories has been compiled by CsaVRI in the context of the Tuscany regional repertory of laboratories (Repertorio regionale dei Laboratori - MapLab).

The "Centro di Servizi di Ateneo per la Valorizzazione della Ricerca e la gestione dell'Incubatore universitario (CsaVRI)" entity was constituted in december 2009. It manages and integrates the activtiies within UNIFI concerning patents, spin-offs, research for third parties, support to funding applications, relations with the industry and transfer of knowledge.



Resilient Computing Lab, 2011

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