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Alessandro Daidone

Part-time external collaborator

Alessandro Daidone


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viale Morgagni, 65
50134 - Firenze, Italy
Phone: +39 055 4237457
Fax: +39 055 4237436


Dec 2009

PhD in Computer Science and Applications (DIA - Dottorato in Informatica e Applicazioni), University of Florence.

Thesis title: Critical infrastructures: a conceptual framework for diagnosis, some applications and their quantitative analysis

Dec 2005

Master degree in Computer Science (full graduation with honors), University of Florence.

Thesis title: "Le catene di Markov nascoste come supporto alla formalizzazione del problema della diagnosi nei sistemi affidabili".


Research field: Design and Evaluation of Dependable Systems

Activities along two main directions:
  • Architectures and techniques for FT (Fault-Tolerant) systems
    • In presence of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) components
    • Focus on mechanisms (e.g. diagnosis)
  • Quantitative Dependability and QoS Evaluation (mainly model-based) finalized to:
    • support design decisions, refinements and tuning of systems/components/infrastructures
    • assess properties of already built systems/components/infrastructures

Research Projects

Nov 2008-Dec 2009
Participation to the IST project INSPIRE (mainly in WP3).
Jan 2008-Dec 2008
Participation to the mini-project FOREVER (mainly in T3).
Jan 2006-Dec 2008
Participation to the IST Project HIDENETS (mainly in WP2).
Jan 2006-Dec 2008
Participation to the IST Project CRUTIAL (mainly in WP4).


  • A. Bessani, A. Daidone, I. Gashi, R. Obelheiro, P. Sousa, V. Stankovic Enhancing Fault/Intrusion Tolerance through Design and Configuration Diversity, in DSN WRAITS Workshop, 2009.
  • A. Bessani, H.P. Reiser, P. Sousa, I. Gashi, V. Stankovic, T. Distler, R. Kapitza, A. Daidone, R. Obelheiro FOREVER: Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery, In 9th International ACM Middleware Conference, Leuven (Belgium), December 2008.
  • A. Daidone, S. Chiaradonna, A. Bondavalli, P. Verissimo Analysis of a Redundant Architecture for Critical Infrastructure Protection, V book on Architecting Dependable Systems, LNCS, 2008.
  • P. Verissimo, Y. Deswarte, A. Bondavalli, N. F. Neves, A. Abou El Kalam, A. Daidone, M. Correia The CRUTIAL Architecture for Critical Information Infrastructures, V book on Architecting Dependable Systems, LNCS, 2008.
  • A. Daidone Diagnosis framework for complex critical systems/infrastructures, In DSN-2007 student forum, Edimburgh, UK, June 2007.
  • A. Daidone, F. Di Giandomenico, A. Bondavalli, and S. Chiaradonna, Hidden Markov models as a support for diagnosis: formalization of the problem and synthesis of the solution, In 25th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS 2006), Leeds, UK, October 2006.

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