Alessandro Daidone

Position: Alumni (Former Members) Daidone, Alessandro

The personal page of Alessandro on the old website is still available here:

Recent Publications

  • Other M. L. Itria, A. Daidone and A. Ceccarelli. "A Complex Event Processing Approach for Crisis-Management Systems". EDCC Workshop Big4CIP. 2014. . [More] 
  • Journal A. Daidone, T. Renier, A. Bondavalli and H.-P. Schwefel. "Optimal configuration of fault-tolerance parameters for distributed replicated server access", IJCCBS, Vol. 4. 2013, pp. 144 - 172. [More] 
  • Journal L. Coppolino, L. Romano, A. Bondavalli and A. Daidone. "A hidden Markov model based intrusion detection system for wireless sensor networks", International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems, Vol. 3. 2012, pp. 210-228. [More] 
  • Conference M. Ficco, A. Daidone, L. Coppolino, L. Romano and A. Bondavalli. "An event correlation approach for fault diagnosis in SCADA infrastructures". Proceedings of the 13th European Workshop on Dependable Computing. 2011. pp. 15-20. [More] 
  • PhD Thesis A. Daidone. "Critical Infrastructures: a Conceptual Framework for Diagnosis, Some Applications and Their Quantitative Analysis". Ph.D. thesis. Università degli Studi di Firenze. Dottorato in Informatica e Applicazioni (XXII ciclo). April 21th, 2010. [More] 

Resilient Computing Lab, 2011

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