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The RCL group continuously supports Bachelor, Master and PhD students for their Theses. In general, vast majority of our arguments refer to the field of critical systems i.e., systems whose failure may lead to damage, injuries or economic losses. Some possible research challenges that can be investigated during the Thesis, and contextualixed in their application domains, are reported below.

  • Safety of machine learning solutions. Machine learning is undeniably an enabling technology in several domains, for example it is at the foundation of autonomous driving. However, unproper (unsafe) behaviour of solutions based on machine learning may lead to dangerous consequences. Many Theses initiatives at the MSc, BSc, and PhD level can be identified in this direction, especially using the autonomous driving as a reference domain, and that may span from the definition of mitigation strategies of possible unsafe behaviours to the comparison of solutions or to their representation and assessment through simulators.
  • Identification of intrusions and failures through monitoring. Monitoring data streams allows detecting attacks as well as possible failures of software or hardware components. In particular, anomaly detection is a machine-learning solution that allows identifying deviations from the expected behaviour; for example, several research works and commercial tools exploit anomaly detection to identify cyber-attacks. Several ideas for possible research can be proposed to interested Students, from the implementation and assessment of algorithms, to their proper tuning and combination with the aim to improve detection scores.
  • Design, implementation and validation of standard-compliant systems. Critical systems are typically crafted following prescriptions written in standards. The aim of these standards is to enforce on the system specified properties as safety (e.g., ISO 61508 for electronic equipment) or security (e.g., ISA/IEC 62443 for industrial automation and control systems). Since long, there is a constant strive to identify and exercise methodologies, techniques and tools that can provide greater and greater evidence of compliance to the desired properties and at lowered costs. The RCL groups is regularly involved in projects and is in close contact with companies where the design, implementation and evaluation of components is done following such standards, and trying to improve the existing state of the art on methodologies and techniques. 
  • Modeling of Critical Systems --> (to arrive soon...)

As the list of topics is not exhaustive, and also new topics may emerge through time, the most effective way is to approach members of the RCL groups for updated information.


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