Continuous Biometric Verification for Non-Repudiation of Remote Services

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2017
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Non-repudiation, biometrics, security, authentication, continuous authentication, protocol, biometric signature
Authors: Enrico Schiavone; Andrea Ceccarelli; Andrea Bondavalli
Book title: ARES '17 Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
Month: August
ISBN: 978-1-4503-5257-4
As our society massively relies on ICT, security services are becoming essential to protect users and entities involved. Amongst such services, non-repudiation provides evidences of actions, protects against their denial, and helps solving disputes between parties. For example, it prevents denial of past behaviors as having sent or received messages. Noteworthy, if the information flow is continuous, evidences should be produced for the entirety of the flow and not only at specific points. Further, non-repudiation should be guaranteed by mechanisms that do not reduce the usability of the system or application. To meet these challenges, in this paper, we propose two solutions for non-repudiation of remote services based on multi-biometric continuous authentication. We present an application scenario that discusses how users and service providers are protected with such solutions. We also discuss the technological readiness of biometrics for non-repudiation services, and the assumptions under which this is possible.
The acceptance rate of full papers at ARES 2017 was 24,21%.

Resilient Computing Lab, 2011

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